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Speed up your mortgage application

Speed up your mortgage application

When people want to buy a home, they should typically start by applying for a mortgage so they can pre-qualify and get a sale completed as quickly as possible. But in today's busy market, waiting even a little while to get a deal locked in can create serious issues when it comes to people being able to buy they homes they really want.

This issue may be especially important for those who are self-employed, because their mortgage application process can be a little more muddled if they're not fully prepared, according to Mortgage 101. So what can they do to make sure they're adequately prepared to not only qualify for a mortgage, but do it quickly? The process should start in much the same way as any other consumer seeking a home loan, according to Mortgage 101. Would-be buyers will have to ensure they can make a sizable down payment and have a strong credit score that will allow them to lock in the best deal possible.

What comes next?
Once self-employed applicants have made sure their credit is in great shape and they can make down payments of as much as tens of thousands of dollars, it's important for them to to make sure they have all the documentation they're going to need, the report said. For the self-employed, it can be a lot more difficult to assure a bank that their income is sufficient and job situation stable enough to be deserving of mortgage credit, which means they will probably need more than the standard amount of tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements and so on.

For this reason it may be important to talk to a financial professional about the best strategies for maximizing take-home pay when self-employed, according to Mortgage Required. Many small business owners, for instance, may choose to keep their take-home pay low for tax purposes, but that's not something mortgage lenders are going to want to see from an applicant. Finding the right strategy to strike a balance between keeping taxable income low but also meeting lenders' demands for high enough salaries will be vital during this process.

However, it will also be important to get all those financial documents in order as well, because lenders are likely to want to see those as well, the report said.

Avoiding missteps
Once preapproval has been obtained, there's still a home buying and closing process to go through, and it's vital to be cognizant of the issues that can arise in the time between the mortgage process began and when a sale is coming to a close, according to Forbes. Credit situations can fluctuate, for instance, and would-be buyers will have to stay on top of that issue to ensure they're getting the level of affordability they're looking for or have been counting on.

The more potential buyers can do to make sure they're getting top-notch deals and are able to navigate the mortgage process easily, especially when they're self-employed, the better off they're likely to be for years to come.

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