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Winter home improvement projects

Winter home improvement projects

Even when the weather outside is still cold, snowy and generally unpleasant to be in, there are plenty of home improvement projects owners can undertake over the winter weekends. Some of them can be especially important with spring approaching, because prep work to make later DIY projects just a little easier often goes a long way for homeowners.

For instance, homeowners who often have to deal with flooding basements when snow and ice start to melt around their homes can get out in front of the problem this year with a few simple fixes, according to Basement Systems. When runoff water seeps into the ground, the pressure that builds up can be significant – 60 pounds per cubic foot – and push water through cracks and fissures in a foundation.

What can homeowners do?
If this is a persistent issue, it's usually a good idea for homeowners to look at the parts of the basement that most often flood, the report said. Often, there's a small crack or hole that developed over time, and can be patched cheaply and easily. In addition, it might be wise for homeowners to think about installing drainage systems once the spring rolls around and the ground thaws, because that could help them avoid a more serious ongoing issue.

Other simple projects
Meanwhile, those who don't have to worry as much about flooding basements can still turn their attention to other indoor issues, such as resurfacing cabinets or repainting walls in the kitchen or bathroom, according to Fortune Builders. In addition, it's also possible for homeowners to really get into their bathrooms and tackle some lingering mildew or mold problems that have built up over time, and that can include regrouting all the tile in the room.

In addition, simple efforts to declutter may likely go a long way at this time of year, especially because a lot of stuff can accumulate on counters, desks, end tables and the like when everyone is spending more time indoors at this time of year, the report said.

Finally, it's probably a good idea for homeowners to make sure their heating systems and central air conditioners are in good working shape at this time of year as well, according to Premier Indoor Comfort Systems. Even something as simple as swapping out air filters will likely improve a home's energy efficiency.

After months of working overtime, heating systems probably aren't in the shape they were in at the start of winter, and assessing and addressing any issues that might have cropped up in an HVAC system now, before the A/C starts doing the same in late spring and throughout the summer, is probably a good idea.

Generally speaking, if there have been little indoor home improvement jobs homeowners have been planning to get around to, but haven't accomplished yet, now is the time to do so. The extra hours inside that would otherwise be spent binging shows or playing games can be put to better use. 

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